We players are always expecting something extra from our favorite online casinos. Even if it’s just a few free spins here and there, free casino no deposit bonuses arethe most coveted type of bonuses that players wish to have.

How does a free casino bonus work?

It is somewhat difficult to find a 100% free no deposit casinos online. Most times you’ll need to make a small first deposit to get started (casinos have to know you’re in fact a real player who’s actually into online games, and not just an aficionado looking for a treat).

Internet casino free bonuses can be divided into two main categories:
Free bonus no deposit required: some free bonuses will be granted to you without even touching your bank account. Some casinos will offer some bonuses, usually free spins, to new and seasoned players so they can enjoy their site without risking a single penny. Please, keep I mind that free casino bonus no deposit required may be subject to wagering requirements, so read the small print before attempting to make a withdrawal.

Free casino bonus (after making a small deposit): online casinos offer these bonuses either as a part of their welcome reload packages. Most times players need to make a small deposit in order to receive them at any online casino. Free bonuses can range from match deposits, free spins, happy hours, raffle tickets, etc…free casino bonus

Free casino bonus types

Check our list of bonuses below featuring the best free casino bonuses, including:

  • Welcome packages and free online casino bonus offers: We dare saying that there isn’t a single casino out there that doesn’t offer some sort of welcome bonus to their players. Welcome bonuses usually range from:
  • Match deposit bonuses: As the name implies, players will receive a bonus upon making a first deposit. Some casinos will offer match deposit bonuses on each and every one of your deposits (including reload bonuses). The bonus money that you get will be subject to wagering requirements before attempting to make any withdrawals.
  • Free spin bonuses: Some match deposit bonuses will go hand in hand with a set of free spins. Depending on the casino you’re playing at, you may receive a set of free spins as a part of your welcome bonus package. These free spins tend to be attached to a single video slot, and any winnings are also subject to wagering requirements.
  • Bonus codes: Bonus codes can be found on different news websites (like ours) and they’ll help you get an extra match deposit bonus or free spins on your next deposit. New free casino bonus codes are easy to find, though many of them are aiming at active players for a specific online casino. Nevertheless, once you’re signed up to our weekly newsletter you’ll receive the latest free bonus codes directly on your email inbox.
  • Reload bonuses: As mentioned earlier, reload bonuses will happen once you’ve signed up to an online casino and made a first deposit. Your following deposits will all have a reload bonus of 10%, 20%, and perhaps even 50% or more, depending on the site you’re playing.
  • VIP bonuses: Most casinos offer different VIP levels to their players. Each level will include a set of bonuses that will vary from casino to casino. While some sites will only offer increasing deposit bonuses for their VIP players, others will include free spins, cash and deposit bonuses, entries for special tournaments, etc… VIP punters may also receive the best free no deposit bonuses; once you reach a platinum level you’ll be granted many offers that won’t even need a deposit from your side.
  • Happy hour: A real treat, though not as common as we’d like it to be. Happy Hours are special promotions that take place randomly for an hour during the day, where players will get a special match bonus on their next deposit. There are even some free no deposit casino bonus sites that offer happy hour gifts.
  • Cash backs: Pretty common in most online casinos, though you won’t be able to find it displayed on virtually any site. Cash backs are offered to active players, and are delivered on special promotions for specific days of the week, and also for a specific video slot, e.g. you play the Spider Man video slot with €50, and you’ll get a cashback of up to €35 for your losses. Not bad, considering you get back almost 60% of your money.
  • Payment method bonuses: This is a tricky one only available at the most prestigious online casinos. Depending on the payment method you choose, you’ll receive an extra bonus on your deposit, e.g. if you make a €100 using Skrill, then you will receive a 10% extra bonus on your deposit simply for having chosen that payment method. Unfortunately this bonus is not very common and you must check each online casino. Free bonus offers on payment methods are rare but can be found on some of the best sites online.

No deposit free casino bonuses

We’re all always looking for the latest no deposit casino bonuses, they’re fun, attractive and don’t require any money. The most common ones are:
Free spins no-deposit bonuses: This is the most common free no deposit casino bonus, mainly because casinos aren’t risking that much and players can take advantage of this in order to take home some cash.
Free casino bonus no deposit: Aside from the free spins, free casino no deposit bonuses are available at most online sites and include small treats for new and seasoned players. Once again, they can range from free spins to raffle tickets to enter a prize draw.

Latest online casino free bonus offers

Raffles have become one of the most widely used free bonuses among online casinos. They may offer a variety of prizes, ranging from free cash, free spins, all the way up to trips to the Caribbean or to an island in the Pacific Ocean! Players have to check the terms and conditions in order to enter the raffle and get as many tickets as they can. Afterwards it’s all about being patient and hoping for lady luck to give us a little push.
Tournaments: Yes, we know, it’s not really a bonus but more of a challenge for players. However, online casinos have recently started to modify the way tournaments work, by adding special prizes for each top player, ranging from free spins, raffle tickets, cash prizes and even trips. Unfortunately, tournaments aren’t usually a no deposit free bonus. Casinos are a bit more careful with this type of offers since players can get away with large amounts of money by competing against other online players.