The mainstay of any casino’s attraction is what they can offer their players, whether they’ve just arrived or they’re long-term players with a vested interest in the site. What we’re talking about, of course, is the casino deposit bonus.

But what do we really mean by this? Are all bonuses created the same? And can you only get casino deposit bonuses if you’re a new player, or are there other offers available for long-term players? Well, the short answer is “yes, there are other offers,” but we of course need to have a look at exactly what we mean by the term “deposit bonus.” The other problem is that these rewards tend to go under different names, so we should also clarify what is meant in these instances.

Quite often, you’ll see the terms “casino deposit bonus” or “deposit casino bonus” used more or less interchangeably. There’s absolutely no difference between the two, except for the order of the words in the term, but otherwise they’re identical offers with identical conditions, even if the details differ a little bit from offer to offer.

Deposit casino bonuses are “less” common, but, as has been seen, they’re more or less the same thing, so we’ll focus on the more commonly used term for this.

casino deposit bonus

What is a casino first deposit bonus

“But what are you talking about?” will be the question. The answer, then, is pretty simple. When we refer to this kind of offer, we mean that the casino matches, or “sees,” the amount of money you put in your account to a certain extent. For example, let’s look at a typical offer: a casino first deposit bonus comes with a 100% match up to, let’s say, NOK1,000. That means that, when you open your account and put in a certain amount of money, you will receive the same amount of money as extra.

Unfortunately, the sky isn’t the limit with bonuses, and they’ll match your first payment up to NOK1,000 (in the present instance). Nevertheless, that means that, if you deposit NOK1,000 into your account, your first deposit bonus will also be NOK1,000, giving you a total of NOK2,000 to play with.

There are some strings attached, of course. The bonus isn’t cash, as such, but rather an optional line of credit that you don’t have to pay back. Think of it like a gift card at a shop: you can’t spend it elsewhere, and you can’t cash it in, but it’s still a pretty good present to have.

A typical online casino deposit bonus will also have certain other requirements: you can’t just withdraw it, but rather, you have to play through it a certain number of times. These wagering requirements don’t mean you have to lose your money (after all, if that was all that could happen, none of us would be playing at a casino in the first place!), but it means that you have to bet the bonus before you can use it.

Most of the time you’ll have to play through your bonus money around 30 times, meaning that you have to bet NOK1,000 times 30. That simply means that you can’t withdraw until you’ve played that total through, but of course, if you win big, you keep your win. Don’t worry about that!

Best deposit casino bonuses

So the next question to answer is, what is the best sort of bonus to get? The obvious one, and the one you can get at most online casinos, is the first deposit bonus, which has already been described above.

There are, however, special offers on subsequent deposits, and in fact, the most common offer is what is sometimes known as a Welcome Package, or rewards on your first 3 (or sometimes even your first 4) deposits.

The best deposit bonuses, therefore, are not always the first. Often, what happens is that a casino will offer a 100% bonus on the first deposit, generally with some free spins (at least 10, although 20, 50, or even 100 is not unknown), and then a smaller amount (around 50%) on the second deposit, and usually without any free spins. However, when it comes to the third deposit bonus, casinos will usually up the ante, making it worth your while with a 150% or even a 200% bonus.

On top of all this, there are also other offers available, such as weekly or monthly reload bonuses, which typically offer a smaller match bonus, but, since they’re more regular, can be a good way of getting extra money to play at the casino. All that this means, though, is that it’s not always the first offer that’s the best casino deposit bonus.

So have a look at our array of offers, where we describe the requirements and features of the various special offers, and then you can choose the offer that’s right for you. Happy browsing, and happy playing!