One of the most powerful words in the English language is the word “free.” Another very powerful word is “money.” So, it just stands to reason that the phrase “free casino money” is an almost-automatic attraction. But unfortunately, not every casino has the same offer, and wouldn’t the world be a much more boring place if we were all the same?

free casino money

Some of the best offers available don’t include these sorts of offers, but then again, some do. And quite often, casinos will include these free gambling money offers as part of a special offer connected to some other special offer, either a limited-time giveaway or a Welcome Bonus that rewards new players with something sweet. So basically, it’s kind of like candy, if candy came with a set of dollar signs attached to it.

But I digress. The standard free money casino bonus, to continue the candy analogy, is not a full meal in itself. That means that it’s generally relatively small, but then again, it can actually be quite good for you, as there’s always the possibility that you can turn your 50kr into a big win. But before we get started, let’s see what we mean by the term “casino free money,” and if it’s worthwhile hunting down these sorts of special offers.

What is casino free money?

Well, what you see is what you get, really. When it’s part of a Welcome Bonus, it’s usually a thank-you gift for signing up and opening an account. Players will get an amount of bonus money to spend on one of the slots. Free money casinos, as we said earlier, are not that common, but there are some great ones on offer.

There are usually some wagering and deposit requirements attached, meaning that if you want to withdraw your winnings, you have to deposit a token amount (around 100kr or 200kr), and you have to play through your winnings, generally (but again, not always) around 25 or 30 times.

Free casino bonus money also comes as part of a standard Welcome Package, meaning that you’ll typically get a Match Bonus in addition to your free cash. There may also be a bunch of free spins on offer, although this is only really standard (but not universal) at casinos that use NetEnt or Microgaming software. Playtech-powered sites tend to stick with bonus cash.

But at those online casinos with free money offers, there’s often offers typically also known as bonanzas, bonus giveaways, or something similar. Basically, if you’ve already got an account and you’re playing at a certain time, you might find a stack of money sitting in your account waiting to be used. This is free casino money, no deposit required (at the time of playing, but you’ll probably need to have made a deposit beforehand to be eligible for the bonus).

Again, there will most likely be some wagering requirements, but as we said above, the word “free” is an incredibly powerful draw card, and since this is what you’re interested in, we think you’ll enjoy the special offers you will get in such situations. But we’ve looked at what it means to play at a free money casino. The question is, then, how to get your special deposit-free bonus. Let’s look at that, then.

How can you get free casino money

Getting your free money offer is actually really easy. In fact, there may be no easier bonus to claim anywhere at any online casino. Most of the time, all you need to do is to log on to the casino’s website, sign up by opening your account and completing the forms, and all of a sudden, you’ll have some money in your account, even before you put any money in your account!

What’s the best thing about free casino money? No deposit is required. All you need to do is to open your account, and you’re automatically credited with the money you need to get on your winning way. We’ve all heard stories about players who managed to crack the jackpot in their first few spins, so why not try and join their ranks with a bunch of free cash.

Or alternatively, once you’ve started playing at your favorite casino that has these cash drop specials, you can wait for the extra money to start flowing in. With the addition of oodles of free money, gambling online becomes much more fun and far more entertaining. After all, isn’t that exactly what we’re looking for in the first place?

Although playing at casinos requires an investment of sorts, we’re still looking to getting extra money out of the slots, or our favorite games. So why not try and improve the odds of your winning by getting some free money offers from some of the top casinos online?