An elusive creature that isn’t seen nearly as much as we would all like… the Holy Grail of casino bonuses… a mysterious legend that is spoken of in hushed words… We’re talking, of course, about the online casino no-deposit bonus.

Once in a while you come upon a fantastic offer that just looks too good to be true. A casino offers you money to start playing on its games and video slots, and there’s no deposit required. This is the very rare casino no-deposit bonus.

As you might have gathered, though, it’s rarer than hen’s teeth, being a special feature that not many casinos are willing to offer. That’s where we come in, though, as our team of web crawlers and researchers take to the internet to hunt down the best offers for you. The question remains, though: what do you mean by a bonus that requires no deposit?

What is a casino no-deposit bonus?

Basically, what you see is what you get. A no-deposit casino bonus is an offer that requires no down-payment on your part. Usually, these deposits are part of a Welcome package that might include Free Spins or a match bonus on a later deposit. But the main purpose of a bonus that needs no deposit is to thank the player for opening an account.

What usually happens is that you, the player, will open your account, and once you’ve put in your details and created your account, the casino will credit a sum of bonus money to your balance. No-deposit casino bonuses that you get on sign-up aren’t usually massive – usually in the region of 50kr to 100kr or thereabouts – but they do help you get started on your way to riches and big wins.
Normally, at an online casino, no-deposit offers still require wagering requirements to be met before you can withdraw your winnings. They also usually need a deposit, but the minimum amount is, again, usually only around 100kr to 200kr.

When opening your account, there might be some offers, but the best offers usually come later in the game, or even as soon as you start playing, just as long as you play! So, while the “free signup bonus no deposit” idea is a good one, it’s not always (or rather, it’s hardly ever) the best of these sorts of offers.

Various giveaways and the like can make life much better in terms of big giveaways, and on occasion, players will be rewarded with a free bonus, no deposit required.

Sometimes this takes the form of free spins as well as free bonus money, so there can be a mix of one or the other. How can the average player, with only so many hours in the day, work out which offer is really worth going for, and which offer he or she should spend his or her precious time on?

As we said, though, we do the digging for you, so you don’t have to. We’ll check out the details for you, so have a look at the selection we’ve got here and choose from amongst the choice offerings on the list for yourself.

no deposit casino bonus

Best no deposit casino bonuses

However, it also helps if you know what to look for in a no-deposit bonus. Casino operators often have multiple promotions, making it a little bit complicated when it comes to actually deciding what you should or shouldn’t take. There are a couple of things to keep an eye out for, though.

One of these is the aforementioned sign-up bonus, where you’re rewarded for opening an account. When you visit a new or unknown online casino, “free bonus, no deposit required” is of course a good indication that you’ll be getting a special deal. But since they’re usually quite small, we also recommend looking for other promotions that can pop up from time to time.

One great offer that can bag you literally thousands of kroner is what’s known in various places as the cash drop, cash giveaway, or cash bonanza, which dishes out free bonus cash at randomly generated times.

Often associated with seasonal promotions, these free casino bonus, no-deposit offers are often the best of the best, giving you an indication of what lies in store for you later at the same casino.

Another good thing about these sorts of promotions is that they’re generally offered only by the biggest and most trustworthy casinos. We know there are scammers in the industry, and our job is to help you choose the best casino for your purposes.

If you do manage to find a bonus at a so-called “no-deposit casino,” online operators who are less than respectable, as well as scammers, will possibly take you to the cleaners, as they say in London, so be careful.

Nevertheless, if you play with respected operators, they will offer you no-deposit bonuses and extras that reward you for playing at their site.