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As we said, too, our mission is to bring you all the important news from both online and brick-and-mortar casinos. Our research and coverage will bring you all the best bonuses, special offers, free spins, and newest releases and developments, and it’s all available here in our casino news magazine.
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We also cover issues regarding regulation of the industry in Norway and how it affects our readers. So if there are any new developments with regards to legislation, or changes in the way you make your deposit at your favourite casino, rest assure that it will be covered here as part of the latest gambling news update.

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Although a gambling company’s profit reports may not directly affect you as a player, it does help you know whether or not that company is in trouble, which can help you decide whether to carry on playing at that site, or if you should give it a miss. All the top casino industry news is available in one place – right here, on our website!

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There is plenty of news from the world of brick and mortar casinos, which we will of course cover in detail. Whatever you need to know about the world of land-based casinos will be covered here, from the biggest games to new developments in the gaming world, from progressive jackpots to celebrity news and pro poker tournaments.
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Our team goes over all the latest developments and crafts them into our professionally researched gambling news articles, saving you time and effort while keeping you up to date on everything that’s happening in the casino and gaming world.

And as with your favourite online casinos, our coverage includes any changes in the industry, be it mergers or bankruptcies. We’ll show how this affects you and what to do if it does.
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