Online slots might represent a daunting prospect to many people, but this needn’t be the case.
They are essentially an online, computer-based version of the old slot machines that we might have played in our misspent youths, only with some very important distinctions.

First of all, you don’t need to put coins into the slot, so it’s less fiddly, and you can play in the comfort of your own bedroom in your pyjamas if you wish!

online casino slots

Second, and perhaps most important, precisely because you don’t need to put coins in, the ‘machines’ online aren’t constrained by how many coins that an old-style slot can physically hold, payouts are much, much higher, in particular with regard to the linked progressives that are there.
Third, slots online aren’t mechanical machines, so they cannot breakdown as such, and are easily able to have more reels than was the case with the old machines (5 in the first case usually, compared with 3 in the latter).

And finally online slots are as far ahead in terms of graphics, animation effects, sound effects, soundtracks, bonus screens and general concept as Call of Duty or something is beyond playing with toy soldiers in the bedroom – in fact modern online slots feel more like you’re playing any regular video game than actually gaming for money, so it is far more than simply spinning the reels.

Wide choice of slots at online casinos

When you play slots online you are entering a whole new world and experience that’s quite unlike anything you might have had before.

Imagine a walk-in casino might have a couple dozen different types of slots games at best.
Well, there are online casinos will literally HUNDREDS of slots for you to play and to win money on.
This is largely thanks to the work of a hardcore of about a dozen developers out there like NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech, who have really taken the internet gaming world to a new level with their endeavours.

When you play online slots with these developers you are in for a consistent experience, but at the same time with a huge variety of different types of games.

Some games are film, TV or comic tie-ins (like the South Park games from NetEnt or the Marvel superheroes ones from Playtech) others follow a scifi (Aliens from NetEnt), fantasy (Avalon II from Microgaming) or simply bizarre (EsqueletoExplosivo from Thunderkick), still more are bleeding edge in terms of graphics and sound (Jokerizer from Yggdrasil) whilst the clue is in the name for some of the highest paying progressives (Mega Jackpot from NetEnt or Mega Moolah from Microgaming).

A good slots casino will have most or all of the above, often grouped into different categories so as to make it easier to navigate yourself around (jackpot slots, video slots, classic slots etc.) depending on your preferences.

They should also publish the lists of big winners, often on a running ticker, or at least the current standings for the progressive jackpots (which can often be in the millions and which link to all the casinos that progressive is hosted at).
The best casino slots thus can be found at the best online casinos!

Best online casino slots

Speaking of which – we have already noted that there are a few developers out there which you should stick with. In addition to those we have listed above, you should also check for slots from NextGen, Play N’ Go, BetSoft, IGT, RTG, Novomatic and a few others and you won’t go wrong.

Another consideration for casino slots online – because of course even the professionals get it wrong and produce duds occasionally – is to check for reviews on sites like ours to be sure you are playing something worthwhile.

Even amongst the good games, there are differences which you need to take account of. Some online casino slots are what we call ‘high variance’ meaning they pay out seldom, but when they do, they tend to be big wins. Progressives are naturally a good example of this phenomenon.
Others are the opposite, ‘low variance’, which pay out often but in smaller amounts – NetEnt’s Starburst is one good example.

Good casino slot games will not get boring or repetitive, so those with plenty of bonus rounds, Wild symbols, Scatter symbols and the like are a definite plus, as are those which you can select things like ‘Bet Max’ to immediately stake the highest sum you possibly can at a given time, or ‘Autoplay’ which lets you let the reels spin by themselves for as many as 75 or more spins whilst you go and make a cup of tea!

You couldn’t even have done this with a slot machine of old of course!

Free online slot machines

There is another important consideration when choosing which slot to play.
Most casinos – and if you find a casino which does not do this you should in fact run for the hills – will effectively offer free slot machine games.

These take several different forms in fact.
The first is free play, which seems self-explanatory enough, but anyway – you can often play for ‘play money’ which is the same as playing the actual slot but of course any winnings you may accrue are not real.

The second type of free slots online is the phenomenon of Free Spins. Casinos like to offer these both to attract new players and also to reward loyal ones, but you basically get free turns on a slot without having to put any money in the ‘slot’ so to speak – but the difference between this approach and the free play above is that, any winnings you may pick up will be yours to keep just as much as if you had deposited!

Which when you bear in mind that Free Spins offers can run into the hundreds sometimes you can get a real shot at winning something!

The third and final type of free slot games is when casinos offer ‘free money’ as part of a Welcome Bonus and sometimes at other times as well.

This money is generally a percentage of your deposit (100% for your initial deposit usually, 50%-75% is more common for subsequent deposits or those at special times like Christmas or Halloween).
Casinos usually like you to use this money on slots rather than table games in any case, but always read the terms and conditions with your casino of choice.

That’s about all you need to know about casino slot machines before you get started in this wonderful world.

The rest is of course down to experience, and you may well need to try many different online slot machines before you settle on one (or ones) which you like.

Don’t just think that if a game pays out once it will necessarily payout again; you should also try different platforms for playing as well to see which is the most comfortable for you – this could include mobile variants to tablet or smartphone; the net results are the same and some very big wins have been had on the smartphone.

Don’t forget to bookmark this site for all future developments, bonuses and news revolving around slot machines online!