The online casino industry is a fascinating one, that’s why we like to write about it.
Unlike the traditional, bricks and mortar variant, where change happens slowly, new online casinos spring up all the time.

This is partly because the online sector does not require the outlay in terms of property and capital machinery that the land based sector does.

Also, the online sector isn’t in a physical location as such, so new casinos can locate wherever they want; and as laws change, they can choose to relocate quite easily.

We’ll give an overview of the situation as it is now, so read on.

New online casinos 2017

2017 looks set to be a burgeoning year, with lots of new casino sites popping up. As Norwegian players discover more and more the delights of playing online, wherever and whenever they like, and as legal developments in other jurisdictions make Norway a more and more attractive market for companies, we can be sure that there will be no shortage of new casinos online.

These are also likely to really push the limits in terms of design and general customer experience, the better to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack.
But this development can be divided up into different areas and focuses, which we’ll take a look at next.

New casinos no deposit

A new no deposit casino is a very fine thing indeed. It is exactly what it sounds like in fact. A newly-launched casino which does not require you to make a deposit of any kind!
That may sound a little counter-intuitive, so let us explain more.

Of course, the name of the game is to win money and so any new casino sites no deposit which may get launched will want players to deposit eventually.

But as we stated above, the increasing competition means that casinos will need to attract players by offering them a better deal than anyone else.

So for a new casino no deposit at least in the beginning is worth pursuing.

Players will still be able to play, for instance via Free Spins on select games, or even ‘free money’ to use on any game of their choice, and this is also an excellent way for players to decide whether they really want to game at a casino, so both parties benefit.

And there are also likely to be some new online casinos with no deposit bonuses on the horizon as well, which conveniently brings us to…

New online casino bonuses and promotions

When a casino is set up online, as we stated it needs to attract customers and establish its brand.
We mentioned new casinos no deposit above, and this approach really constitutes a bonus for players, in every sense of the word.

You aren’t just playing for free (though it is also possible to do this with many casinos – here, you use ‘play money’ to try out games, often for unlimited periods, to see if they are for you).

In fact, new casino bonuses go one step beyond that and reward you for actually signing up.

These can either be the no deposit type of bonus noted above, or equally one where you make a deposit and the casino matches it with a percentage (usually 100%) of money for you to play with.

For instance, if you deposit NOK1,000 a casino will match it with another NOK1,000, giving you NOK2,000 to play with.

There are wagering requirements (usually) and some other considerations, but that’s the basic principle.

So new casinos no deposit – ‘free money’ of Free Spins to play with, those which require a deposit, bonus money to play with, or sometimes Free Spins and other goodies as well.

There are also Reload bonuses, and we expect new casinos 2017 to bring us plenty of these.

These are essentially extra bonuses which follow on from the Welcome Bonus of 100% as mentioned, and reward you for depositing more money, usually at percentages of around 50%-75%.

The casino may also have a loyalty program which rewards players for playing and is often split into various levels through which you should progress.

There has been a trend for these lately along with any new casino bonus, so we do expect more and more of them.

New casino games online

But it’s not just about how casinos reel people in, or what sweeteners you can get by joining – important though these are.

Any new casinos no deposit 2017 that are on their way are a very fine thing indeed, but without the games to play on them, it’s all pretty futile.

Fortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any let up in quality on that side of things either.

Games from fabulous developers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Thunderkick, Yggdrasil, NextGen, Playtech and others look set to continue apace, and any new online betting sites targeting Norwegian players would do well to keep their fingers on the pulse, so to speak.

These are very much slots-driven, with all the developers seemingly trying to outdo each other with the effects, animations, graphics, bonus and extra rounds and all round gaming experience which they can offer, so there’s no shortage of exciting things to choose from for any would-be new online casino.

Add to that the progressive slots like Mega Moolah from Microgaming or Mega Fortune (what is it about the word ‘mega’?!) and you’re talking about a very rewarding experience indeed.

But don’t just stop at slots. Any new no deposit casino 2017, or indeed any casino of any kind for that matter, will carry a wide selection of exciting table games like Roulette, BlackJack and Baccarat.
You can often use your bonus money to play on these games, though not always – check the small print on any new casino online of course!

And there’s more – many sites are linked so sportsbooks, which are beyond the scope of this piece, but sports betting is stocked full of possibilities to play and thrilling experiences to have.
Finally, if you hanker for the old time experience of Bingo or Keno, any new casino worth of the name should include that in its repertoire, as well as more obscure games like Red Dog Progressive, Bubbles…oh, there’s a whole host of them.

New casinos on mobile

One other important advantage for new online casinos 2015 is the fact that they will have been launched after the smartphone revolution and not before.

Whereas casinos which have been around for a few years have had to adapt to mobile gaming, shifting their legacy games to that platform where they can, a new site has no such constriction.
Therefore you can expect to see games from NetEnt’s Touch range of games at any new mobile casino, as well as those from other mobile specialists like Play n’ Go.

New casino sites 2017

So, that’s what we can look forward to in the coming year.

Loads of exciting new developments, with new sites springing up, new games, new developers, and new winners!

Any new casino no deposit 2017 that comes up will allow you to play without making any deposit from your account!

That’s one other area where we can expect innovation as well – payment methods. There are plenty of these to suit Norwegian players, ranging from traditional methods like Bank Transfer (which can incur a surcharge) through to eWallets (which generally do not) and prepaid cards like Paysafecard.
We can expect any new casino 2015 to carry all of these as well as any other new solutions which appear.

new casinos online

Bonuses will continue to get more and more attractive as well, with Welcome Bonuses and ‘free’ money combining with Free Spins, sometimes raffle tickets or scratchcards, prizes as great as holidays, iPads and other tech, and much more should abound at the new online casino 2015, so it’s a great time to be playing!

A great way to keep tabs on developments is to bookmark this site. We will bring you all the news about bonuses, including new casino sites no deposit bonus, as well as games, developers, big winners and much more, so be sure to check back for all the news regularly!